The second sermon in a two-week series on Genesis 3 by Pastor Justin Tamlin.

How do you get someone to believe a lie and disobey God? You craftily entice them, seduce them, manipulate them and offer them something they think they can’t live without. You make sin look attractive and you cast doubt on God’s word and his character. That’s exactly what happened in Genesis 3. Journey back to Eden over 2 weeks as we unpack Genesis 3 and see a pathology of what went wrong with the world. We’re going to see a mirror of our own hearts in this chapter as we come to expose the “Lies that Ruined the World”. Even though we try to hide, we will find a God who seeks. In the midst of the ruin of sin, we will hear God calling: ‘Where are you?’ What will you do? Will you come out of the shadows? Will you find grace?


  • Part 1: “The Lies” – we will expose how temptation entices & seduces us, as we look at the Serpent’s crafty approach to Eve.
  • Part 2: “The Ruin” – we will survey the devastating consequences that Adam & Eve’s sin has brought upon the world; and yet if we look carefully we’ll find a seed of hope amidst the ruins.