(Matthew 27:35-50; various prophetic Psalms)

Jesus was insulted at his trial; he was mocked as he was whipped; he was spat upon as he began to walk towards crucifixion. Since His crucifixion he has continued to be ridiculed and reviled by many. In this message however we are going to focus on the hours of agony that came to our Lord while He was actually hanging and bleeding upon the cross. We are not going to look at the physical pain of the cross. We will unpack the barbed insults that were hurled at him by various groups of people. We will look at the way these insults were hurled and heaped upon Him. We will look at the body language of wagging heads and snorting nostrils. We will then look at something more scandalous than all the insults put together. Then we will peer beneath His bleeding flesh to feel His pulse. We will listen for His heartbeat through some of the prophetic Psalms. As we do this Jesus is going to whisper a question that He would like you to answer.