(1 Peter 1:13-2:3)
The Apostle Peter describes Satan later in his letter as a roaring lion on the prowl looking for someone to devour. Satan has two main schemes to weaken believers & church.The first is through repeated persecution from the outside to get the world to attack the church. The second way is far more subtle it is through the embrace of the world. It is then that the church is in danger of compromise by looking exactly like the world. God ‘s heroes stand out from the crowd. Peter ‘s recipients have been scattered by external persecution (under Nero). He is concerned for them especially now that the fire has been turned slightly down. His concern is that God ‘s heroes would compromise and conform to the world. He gives them a clear & unambiguous call to be holy because God is holy. What does holiness look like as we apply it to today ‘s society? Peter gives them and us: four motivations to be holy and four steps in the plan to be holy. If God ‘s people surrender their holiness they have nothing to offer the world!