Marks of an Authentic Prayer Life
Regular Prayer
Godward Prayer
Secret Prayer
Honest Prayer

How is your prayer life? It’s a simple question, but often difficult to answer. You might be struggling in this area of faith, wondering where you can get your hands on the latest issue of “Prayer for Dummies”. You might be experiencing growth in your prayer life or wondering if prayer is even necessary. Perhaps you understand the importance of prayer life but life’s chaos has gotten the better of you, and now you’re wondering if you need to reintroduce yourself to God as if he can’t remember who you are!

Prayer might be mysterious in many ways, but there is nothing more precious in the Christian life. D. Martin Lloyd-Jones said: “Of all the blessings of Christian salvation none is greater than this, that we have access to God in prayer.” Prayer is God’s call and invitation to his people to get ‘in sync’ with him. In prayer we sync with God in our relationship with him, and in what he might do in the lives of others and in the world.
Over the next two weeks, we will be looking at the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:5-15), as Jesus challenges and encourages us to sync with him and embrace him through prayer.