From the familiar position to an unfamiliar position. It is at the familiar position that we carry our baggage the junk of our past. We become too complacent at the familiar position. It is too comfortable. But it is at the unfamiliar position where we can find God and where our lives can be truly transformed. A no-body God can change to be a somebody in the hands of Jesus (Hebrews 11:24-28; Exodus 8). When Moses had grown up he chose to be repositioned with the people of God and suffer disgrace for the sake of Christ rather than enjoy the fleeting pleasures of Egypt for a little while because he was looking forward to a greater reward. He left Egypt behind.On the other hand – Pharaoh when Moses requested to take the Israelites into the wilderness to offer sacrifices to God told Moses that he could take them into the desert but you must not go very far. Satan doesn’t want us to go very far from our comfortable position he’s happy to let us have a little religion come to church etc but he doesn’t want us to leave our familiar position. But God wants us to come all the way to the cross. God can take away the junk of your life through the cross of Jesus.